Tom Reber

Tom Reber

  • The Contractor Fight - USMC Vet, Motivational Speaker, Coach

I’m Tom & I run The Contractor Fight. Over the past several years my team & I have helped 1000’s of home improvement contractors earn the respect & dignity equal to the value that they bring to their clients. We understand you and the challenges you face because we ARE contractors.

One way we do this is is through our Contractor Sales Academy training program. For over 5 years we’ve been training contractors to sell VIRTUALLY to their prospects. Nobody teaches this better than our team. We train them to connect with their prospects in ways their competitors never will and in turn, they sell more jobs at 50% and more gross profit margins without setting foot on a prospects property.

-No more getting ‘ghosted’ by prospects that were never going to become your client.

-No more spending countless hours typing up bids for ‘unicorns.

-No more pricing your work at the ‘going rates’, but instead charging what you’re worth.

We are in the business of training & equipping home improvement contractors with the mindsets & tools needed for more success than they can achieve on their own.

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