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  • Australia's Premier Trades Business Coaching Duo - Andy & Angela Smith

We’re Andy and Angela Smith, owners of Dr. DRiP Plumbing and co-founders of Lifestyle Tradie. Since 2009, we’ve been teaching tradies in business how to start up, scale up and sell up using a proven step-by-step formula we created after hitting rock bottom in business ourselves. We climbed out the hard way, learning our biggest lessons through expensive trial and error.

Dr. DRiP Plumbing was going gangbusters and Andy’s ego was inflating with it. At the peak, we had a team of 17 tradies, with eight vehicles on the road. But the headaches of running a growing trade business caught up with us. Our lives were in complete chaos. You know how it goes — the bickering with your partner, the bloody phone always buzzing, no cash flow.

Everyone seems to think tradies are totally killing it. This narrative is not helpful at all when 90 per cent of every trade business owner we speak with is struggling in some way. Following the transformation of Dr.DRiP, we’ve dedicated our lives to educating tradies across all trades, including plumbing, electrical, building, landscaping, painting, glazing, and air conditioning, plus many more.

Based on our own experience, we’ve developed Lifestyle Tradie’s award-winning trade business education hub and community. Becoming a Lifestyle Tradie member gives you access to every tried-and-tested tactic and strategy, specifically designed for trade business owners.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing special about us. We’re not any different from you. We just made an intentional decision to prioritise our lifestyle by systemising our trade business. Now, Andy is completely off the tools. He chooses to spend about one-hour on Dr. DRiP each week.

In 2021, Andy and Angela launched their first podcast, The Tradie Show — Together In Trade Business. Delving into their own personal experience in their trade business, backed with an all-star guest line-up, this podcast is educational, entertaining, and a must-listen for any trade business owner.

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