Ettan Bazil

Ettan Bazil

  • Trades Tech Founder & Entrepreneur

Ettan started his first business, Elite Heating and Plumbing in 2016 which is now a successful enterprise with 6 Engineers and 3 Apprentices. Elite Heating and Plumbing was voted best plumbing and heating company in Watford in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

In 2019, Ettan started developing Help me Fix, a video maintenance service that connects tenants with tradespeople. Help me Fix was initially developed so that engineers who couldn’t work on the tools anymore due to age or disability, could still impart their knowledge in a new virtual way and get paid well for doing so. Help me Fix now serves over 4000 tenants nationwide across 19 Estate Agency branches and has 35 engineers on it’s books.

Following on from this, Ettan developed the white-label software as a service version of this product, called Vixit, which launches in 2021 and allows tradespeople to connect with their customers over video via their own branded app on a pay per minute, fixed price, or free of charge basis.

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