Dan Meredith

Dan Meredith

  • Serial Entrepreneur & Best Selling Author

“Shy kids don’t get sweets”

Dan Meredith is a serial entrepreneur with a consulting business, gyms, and e-commerce ventures, an online community on Facebook called “Coffee With Dan” and is the author of the long-standing bestseller “How To Be F*cking Awesome”.

You name it, he’s done it and done it well.

To look at him you might be fooled into thinking all of this came easily - BUT - you’re only seeing the big presence and charismatic character that’s been developed over a number of years.

Rollback to the 90’s and things were a little different. Let’s just say “Teenage Dan” didn’t have quite the luck and charm he has today.

Fast-forward a couple of years and things had to change - fast.

If there’s one industry where shyness doesn’t cut it - recruiting is the one.

High pressure. Big targets. Don’t hit those targets and you’re gone.

There were only three possible outcomes. Death, Glory, or Disappointment...and only Glory would do.

It was there he learned to get out of his own way and sharpen the skills needed to connect with anyone he wants and he’s been using those skills ever since to help scale multiple businesses online and offline and guide others to do the same.

With a group of 17,000 members, a private coaching community in its 7th year, 3500+ individual turbo calls delivered and a full roster of private consulting clients - Dan has seen and heard it all.

Today Dan helps thousands of Entrepreneurs from around the globe get out of their own way and start doing the things that truly work to grow their business.

No fancy tech or dodgy tactics.

Just the down to earth hard work that makes big things happen.

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