Craig Wilkinson

Craig Wilkinson

  • Business & Marketing Coach and Motivational Speaker, Founder of Elite Business Academy

From a busy fool carpenter and joiner to award-winning entrepreneur and founder of the Elite Business Academy. Craig Wilkinson is one of the UK’s most sought after coaches and speakers. He helps thousands of tradespeople to generate more leads, work less hours and make more profit.

After building, growing and selling his own hugely successful construction company. Craig founded the UK’s very first trades and construction networking and businesses coaching community The Trades Hub in 2012.

Having won a series of prestigious business awards including Yorkshire Business Man of the Year. Craig then set up and became the founder of the Elite Business Academy. The EBA has now become the safest and fastest-growing coaching, networking and supportive business organisation in the UK.

Having spent 30 years in the construction industry and 21 years on the tools. Craig knows exactly what it feels like to run a trades business. He spent years working 90 hour weeks, he’s robbed Peter to pay Paul and mentally his business made him hit rock bottom.

However, by learning how to build, grow and scale his business the right way rather than winging it. Craig was fortunate enough to grow and sell his business and turn his life around. He’s dedicated the last 9 years teaching his strategies to other tradespeople who now get the same results.

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