Aaron McLeish

Aaron McLeish

  • Author of "The Quote Handbook" and Accountant for Plumbing and Heating Businesses

Aaron is a seasoned general accountant with vast experience. After training and qualifying at top 10 accountancy firm; Moore Stephens, he went on to manage a wide portfolio of corporate clients at prestigious Chartered Accountancy firms across the South East of England. After learning the ins and outs of accounting practice Aaron became an internal Finance Director, running the accounts department for the largest independent family-run plumbing, heating, and renewable energy firm in the South East of England.

Fast forward and Aaron is the Managing Director of Together We Count Limited (TWC), an accountancy firm that specialises in the construction industry, particularly plumbing and heating. Through the wonders of modern technology, TWC serves the whole country as well as international clients although Aaron himself is based in Sheffield.

Aaron’s first-hand knowledge and experience of the struggles plumbing and heating businesses face and what makes one business stand out from the rest, puts him in a great position to offer advice on how to be successful. He offers expert advice from an accounting perspective to businesses large and small in the plumbing, heating, and renewables sector. To compliment Aaron’s knowledge in the construction industry he is supported by a valuable team of key individuals as well as suppliers inside the trade.

Since starting the business in 2011, TWC has gone from strength to strength, providing accountancy services to businesses with a little something extra. They believe in educating their clients to be successful because they believe success will feel better if you’re responsible for it.

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